Improve your game with new Tom Paterson books

Tom Paterson multiple Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers Singles Champion, member of the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame, and driving force behind the Bowling Federation of Saskatchewan Bowling School has two books that will be available shortly.

Game Changer

The first book (about 200 pages) is comprehensive and provides ample insight into how we can improve our game and the game of others either via being athlete or coach.  The working title is “Game Changer”.  Features within the book include the results of extensive surveys of almost 100 top ranked through to league bowlers

Tips and insights from experienced players abound, as does referencing contemporary professionals in the fields of communication, teamwork, motivation, and goal setting. 

The book has also become a real collaborative affair. He has engaged approximately a dozen experts in our field to provide their feedback on specific topics of interest.

Tom expects the book to be ready in October/November of this year.

Game Changer” (cost yet to be finalized – guessing $30) – will be released around  October/November of 2020

Lane Logic

This is a reprint of the 2000 volume which explores in depth the intricacies of the approach and delivery as well as the Mental Skills component important to improving your competitive game.  At 145 pages it touches on all things pertinent to improving your physical and mental game. Such obvious things as Goal Setting, Motivation, Practice, Self Confidence, and Lane Adjusting are covered extensively. There are also excellent opportunities to expand your understanding regarding Self Assessment of your own skill sets, Imagery, Values in Sport, and a couple of F.A.Q. sections. 

Lane Logic” $25/book shipping taxes included – releasing August 2020


As these are self published books Tom is trying to determine how large a press run to prepare, so this is how you can express an interest,

  1. Show your expression of interest. This is nonbinding and meant to help me print a realistic number of books. 
  2. Return your expression of interest via email (with your mailing address and phone contact) 
  3. Before any book is mailed your interest will be confirmed either by text or email. 
  4. Once your interest is confirmed you may E transfer the amount or…wait for an invoice included in the shipment.

Contact Tom if you are interested in either or both books. Tom can also be reached by phone at 306-227-1875

Toms’ first book “Technique Bowling : The Five Pin Bowler’s Guide” is still found in limited quantities on the internet.

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