Suspension of Open and High Low Provincials – Updated April 18

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I want to touch base with all of you about the Open & High Low Doubles Provincials.

First off, the Open Provincials.  May Long will not be a go.  With the restrictions we have, it won’t be acceptable to be hosting this event at that time.  Centers wouldn’t be open yet as well.  We are committed to running the Open Provincials at a safe time.  We have given up to the December 31, 2020 deadline to host these Provincials.  We do have a Canadian 5 Pin meeting this upcoming Tuesday, and we will be giving you an update afterwards.  

Secondly, High Low Double Provincials.  Calgary has a June 30th date of no group gatherings.  The High Low in Calgary will not be able to run at that time.  We have done the same thing as well, the December 31, 2020 deadline to host these Provincials.

Elimination Draw tickets.  AGLC is still requiring us to finish these.  If you are able to get these monies in – whether it is e-transferring your managers or sending cheques via mail to them, please do so.  You can also send pictures of who bought what ticket to them or what not.  It is more work, it sucks, but it has to happen unfortunately.  We can have “dummy” tickets ready to put these names on tickets for the draw.  We can make this work.

As always, these are unusual times, and crazy circumstances.  We do thank you for your patience with these processes.  We will continue to host these events at a safe time.  We will never put our bowlers, coaches, spectators or volunteers in harms way.  We will be closely following AHS and Government regulations.

Please forward these out to your board and teams.

As always, I have an open door policy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please stay safe,

Tim Wiseman

A5 President

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